At Our Lady of Nativity Catholic Primary School we believe we teach Mathematics to equip our students with skills, strategies and knowledge to actively participate and successfully function in society.

We believe students learn from each other and so we offer opportunities to work with others and discuss their thinking. We integrate concrete materials, cooperative tasks, computers and real life contextual problems into our Mathematic lessons.

We encourage and value children’s reasoning, strategies, and thinking. We believe in nurturing every child’s confidence in mathematics and teaching each child at their point of need.

Involving parents in their child’s education is important and we work closely with the parents and involve them in their child’s mathematics education.


Wall Documentation:

At Our Lady of Nativity Catholic Primary School it is our belief that the walls serve as the second teacher. Documentation is purposeful showing the process of learning and annotated providing further insights into learning.

As a community of inquiry we are encouraged to document our own wonderings and discoveries and to engage in professional dialogue sharing our professional practice.